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Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV)
Managing Board: Philip Erbers, Birgit Rosenberg
Albert-Servais-Allee 50, 52070 Aachen
Tel. (0)241 - 9171 - 0 | Fax (0)241 - 9171 - 199

Association registration no.: 1234, headquarters of the association: Aachen
Tax ID No.: DE 123 603 839

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Aachener Reitturnier GmbH (ART)
Managing Partner: Michael Mronz
Albert-Servais-Allee 50, 52070 Aachen
Tel.: (0)241 – 88927-0 | Fax: (0)241 – 88927-159

Tax ID No.: DE 123 597 095

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