Our numerous training and education formats are very individual and involve different requirements. We answer frequently asked questions.

Where can I park if I have booked an appointment on the equestrian simulator?

Parking spaces are located directly at room 5 behind the Mercedes-Benz Grand Stand. Please follow the site map and the description that will be sent with the registration confirmation.

When is the equestrian simulator available for appointments?

The equestrian simulator is available all year round on the grounds of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS, dates are regularly published on the website. For individual appointments, please contact us at campus@chioaachen.de.

What is the address and where can I park for the events?

The arrival procedure is different for each event, so you will receive individual information on arrival, parking, stable entry, etc. after you have registered.

Who are the CAMPUS offers aimed at?

The CHIO Aachen CAMPUS offers something for everyone! Ambitious amateur riders will get their money's worth just as much as Grand Prix riders, and there are also offers for photographers and the whole family. The requirements for participation can be found directly at each event.

Do I have to be a member of the ALRV to take part in the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS events?

No, a membership of the ALRV is not required.

Which level do I have to be in / What requirements do I need to fulfill?

The requirements vary for each event. You can find the relevant participation requirements directly at each event.

Can I stable my horse on the CHIO Aachen grounds during the event?

There are events where it is not possible, at others it is optional and at events lasting several days it is even necessary to stable your horse at the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS. You will find this information at the particular event, where you will also find the stabling prices. You will receive all further information on stabling after registration.

Are dogs allowed at the events?

Dogs are not allowed at the CHIO Aachen and at the live training sessions with seat tickets of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS. You may bring your dog to all other training events with free admission, but you must keep it on a leash.

Is catering provided at the events?

Usually food and drinks can be purchased at CHIO Aachen CAMPUS events.

Can I bring accompanying persons to the training events?

At all public events with free admission, you are very welcome to bring along helpers, family and friends. We look forward to seeing you!

Are photos taken during the training formats and where can they be purchased?

One or more photographers are present at most training formats. You will recognize them by a small stand, flyers or banners. You can purchase the photos directly from them.

Are there vouchers for the CAMPUS formats?

Whether for a birthday, Christmas or an anniversary, a voucher for one of our CAMPUS formats is always a good idea! There's something for everyone: full-service training days, equestrian simulator, photo workshop, course jumping and task riding. Buy your voucher here!

If you need any further information, please contact us at campus@chioaachen.de.

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