Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV)

Albert-Servais-Allee 50, 52070 Aachen / P.O. Box 50 01 01, 52085 Aachen, Germany

Office – T: (49) 241-9171-0, F: (49) 241-9171-199, E: info@chioaachen.de, www.chioaachen.com

Registered seat in: Aachen, Register of Associations Aachen under Register No. 1234

Changes to these Show Ground Regulations– For legal reasons and/or for organisational reasons it may from time to time become necessary to change or adapt our Show Ground Regulations. Keeping this in mind please refer to the respective current version of our Show Ground Regulation.

Show Ground Regulations

The Show Ground regulations serve the regular use, the general order and the traffic safety in the range of the entire Show Ground of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (“ALRV” or “the Host”).

§ 1 Scope

(1.) The Show Ground regulations apply to all persons accessing the Show Ground as defined below. These persons include for example – but not exclusively – owners of valid entry tickets / show passes: spectators/visitors, guests/honorary guests, staff/employees/volunteers, participants and their entourage, service companies/suppliers, customers, etc.

(2.) The Show Ground regulations apply to the complete Show Ground, including the adjacent cross-country course, including all constructions and equipment, including all entrances and exits, as well as the surrounding parking areas of the ALRV, which are made available to the visitors of the event (herein after called „Show Ground”).

(3.) The Show Ground regulations apply for all events of the ALRV which are held at the Show Ground.

(4.) The Show Ground serve primarily for staging equestrian events.

§ 2 Sojourn

(1.) Only persons, who have a valid entry ticket or carry another authorised identification or a show pass for the event received in another authorised way, are allowed to stay on the Show Ground.

(2.) Entry tickets and authorised passes / show passes have to be shown when entering and on the Show Ground when requested by the security and attendants service or by the police. By request a proof of identity should be provided in an appropriate manner.

(3.) The entry ticket loses its validity when leaving the Show Ground. For a short leave of the Show Ground the security/attendants at exits are to be addressed accordingly and their instructions to be followed in order to make a renewed entry possible.

(4.) Lost entry tickets cannot be replaced.

(5.) Driving and parking on the Show Ground is only allowed with a special authorised pass. On the whole Show Ground the directions of the road traffic regulations (StVO) apply.

(6.) Upon entering the Show Ground all persons irrevocably consent to entitling the Host to take or have their photos and/or audio visual recordings taken in the course of the event without remuneration and to copy, send out or distribute these in any other way. The same applies for the gratuitous use of his/her voice for recordings of audio or live broadcasts, etc.

§ 3 Security Controls

(1.) The security and attendants service, deployed by the ALRV, is authorised to inspect persons if they form a safety hazard, because of alcohol or drug use or because of having a weapon or dangerous or inflammable subjects. If necessary, the security and attendants service is authorised to search a person’s clothing and taken repositories, with their consent. Technical means and equipment can be used for this matter as well.

(2.) Persons who cannot show their authorised pass and persons who form a danger for security reasons or who refuse to give their consent for a search, can be refused to enter or can be removed from the Show Ground. Restitution of the money paid for the entry, registration fee or Credit for the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS-Shop is not possible.

§ 4 Video Surveillance

The Host carries out video surveillance of its grounds for security reasons and to avert danger. The responsible party in terms of the DSGVO shall be the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV), Albert-Servais-Allee 50, 52070 Aachen, Germany.

§ 5 Behaviour on the Show Ground

(1.) On the Show Ground all persons must behave in such a way that nothing or no one else gets damaged, endangered or, as far as circumstances permit, obstructed or harassed.

(2.) All persons must obey the instructions of the fire brigade, the security, the attendants and Emergency Medical Service, the police as well as the event speaker.

(3.) Owners of entry tickets must take the seat in the particular Stadium area which is mentioned on the entry ticket. The regulations mentioned on the entry tickets or show passes have to be respected. On the Show Ground the provided lanes have to be used.

(4.) All entrances and exits as well as emergency and escape routes are to be kept free at all times.

(5.) All persons are summoned not to carelessly throw away litter, packing materials and empty repositories, but to deposit all in the bins which are placed on the Show Ground and in the Stadiums.

(6.) Objects found have to be handed in at the attendant service office. At the end of the event, the organisation remits all objects found, which are not collected, to the lost properties’ office of the City of Aachen.

(7.) Missing persons can be reported at the office of the operation controllers of the police or the attendant service.

(8.) Audio, photo and video recording is allowed only for private use and may not be publicised for commercial use. The use of flashlight is prohibited in the stadiums/arenas.

§ 6 Prohibitions

(1) It is forbidden for all persons on the Show Ground to bring the following:

a. racist, xenophobic, national socialistic, extreme right wing and other political propaganda materials;

b. any kind of weapon;

c. Objects and properties, which can be used as a weapon, batons, thrustings and projectiles;

d. Gas spray containers, acidly, flammable and colouring substances or tanks with substances which can affect the health or are combustible – exception: standard pocket lighters;

e. Fireworks, star shells, smoke powder, smoke bombs and other pyrotechnical objects of any kind including according firing devices;

f. Flag and banner poles, longer than one meter or with a diameter of over 3 centimetres, as well as so called double holders; flags and banners which are allowed should be made of material which come under the concept of ‚flame resistant’;

g. Mechanical operated noise instruments like megaphones, gas pressure clarions;

h. Animals except seeing-eye dogs in accordance with Sect. 33 Para. 1 SGB V and equivalent assistance dogs;

i. Laser-Pointers;

j. Drones, microcopters and any similar unmanned aerial vehicles.

(2.) It is also prohibited for all persons on the Show Ground:

a. to enter the stadium’s infield and other sports facilities without relevant authorisation / show pass;

b. to climb or cross buildings and facilities which are not meant for public use, especially facades, fences, walls, barriers, lighting installations like camera platforms, trees, any kind of masts and roofs;

c. to enter areas which are not meant for general use (like stables and official areas, VIP and media areas) without a relevant authorisation / show pass;

d. to throw objects of any kind or to spill any kind of liquids;

e. to make fire; to burn or launch fireworks, star shells, smoke powder, smoke bombs or other pyrotechnical objects;

f. to sell merchandise or entry tickets without the permission of the ALRV, to distribute printed material or to implement collections;

g. to write, paint or bonding on buildings, facilities or roads;

h. to express or propagate political propaganda and acts, racist, xenophobic and extreme right wing paroles and emblems;

i. demonstrations, propaganda and acts against equestrian sport;

j. to defecate outside the toilets or to debase the Show Ground by throwing things – litter, packaging, empty repositories, etc.;

k. to restrict or affect traffic areas, walk and traffic roads, entrances and exits to the visitor areas and emergency roads;

l. to stand on the seats of the grand stands;

m. to bring alcoholic drinks to the Show Ground;

n. to take (drinking) glasses/bottles to the grand stands;

o. to operate drones, microcopters and any similar unmanned aerial vehicles.

(3.) Suitcases and larger pieces of luggage are only allowed on to the Show Ground if it has been authorised in advance.

(4.) Taken along objects which are prohibited are seized and – as far as they are not needed for criminal preliminary proceedings – returned when the conditions of a seizure ceased to exist.

§ 7 Liability

(1.) Entrance to the Show Ground is at one's own risk.

(2.) The Host is not liable for any damages, as far as the Host, his authorised agents or representatives can only be charged with simple negligence, unless the breach consists of a fundamental breach of contract on behalf of the Host (cardinal obligation). In the latter case, the Host is liable for any foreseeable and typically ensuing damage. The Host is fully liable for damages in the event of loss of life, personal injury or injury to health caused purposefully or negligently.

(3.) Accidents or damage must be reported to the ALRV immediately.

§ 8 Violations

Persons, who act against the Show Ground regulations can be removed from the Show Ground without reimbursement and receive a Show Ground prohibition based on the administrated domestic authority of the ALRV. If this offence is based on a suspicion of a criminal act or another misdemeanour, a complaint of offence will follow.

§ 9 Holders of other access authorisations

All rules and regulations applicable to ticket holders according to the GTC and the Show Ground regulations also apply to holders of any other form of access authorisation valid for access to the Show Ground (e.g., show passes, accreditations, bracelets, invitations, guest passes, etc.).

§ 10 Children/Minors/Wards

Parents/Adults are liable for their children/minors/wards.

§ 11 Safety and Hygiene Concept

The occurrence of a case of force majeure (e.g., pandemics, epidemics, infectious diseases, war, terror or similar) may, even at short notice, lead to events being held subject to special conditions or requirements in accordance with the stipulations of a competent association or authority, i.e., in so-called special tournament mode. In this case, ticket holders and holders of relevant authorization/tournament passes shall fully comply with the applicable safety and hygiene provisions. The relevant provisions and concepts will be announced at www.chioaachen.com in due time and will be prominently displayed on and in front of the Show Ground during the respective events.

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