Equestrian Stable Management

Professionals employed in the equestrian industry can profit from the brand-new certificate programme of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS and the RWTH International Academy in future. Newcomers to the profession can obtain optimal training for the rising demands of the future in the scope of the Junior Programme, whilst participants with more experience in the field can enrol for the Senior Programme.

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Innovative. Sustainable. Cooperative.

Here at the traditional show grounds at the Aachen Soers, we have at our disposal an infrastructure comprising of a wide range of training and competition sites –both indoors and out - that is unique worldwide. The CHIO Aachen CAMPUS makes use of this infrastructure to offer the equestrian sport an all-year-round offer, the focus of which lies on youth promotion, training, education and digital aspects – always linked up with the annual highlight, the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen.

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  • CHIO Aachen CAMPUS 2023 - These are the highlights of the coming months

    From Michaels-Beerbaum, to Kittel and Schneider, through to the Niebergs – the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS holds numerous attractive training and educational offers with some of the top riders and trainers in the world in store again this year.

  • Kids Camps in the summer and autumn vacations

    Where the world's best riders, vaulters and drivers usually compete, everything is dedicated to young riders for five days during the summer and fall vacations. In addition to varied sports and exercise games and handicrafts, the diverse program offers children of primary school age one thing in particular, of course: a playful introduction to the horse.

  • Photo workshop with Arnd Bronkhorst

    You are an ambitious hobby photograph and always wanted to get a few tips from one of the world’s most renowned top equestrian photographers? Then, the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS is offering you an opportunity: A photo workshop with Arnd Bronkhorst is taking place at our grounds on May 6th -7th, 2023.

  • Full-Service Training Day Jumping at the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS - Register now!

    Attention amateur riders! The full-service training day goes into the next round. The all-round package offers many first-class advisors on health and fitness for riders and horses. New: A professional seat training on the simulator.

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