Aachen Youngstars

Dec 02nd - 05th, 2021: Aachen Jumping Youngstars

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  • Friday, 26. November 2021

    Isabell Werth: That is why it is much more difficult for aspiring young dressage riders, compared to show-jumpers

    The Aachen Dressage Youngstars began yesterday, an international dressage show for aspiring young riders. Also on board: Participants of the current CHIO Aachen CAMPUS Programme of Excellence, who are trained by the Head Coach, Isabell Werth. We spoke with the most successful rider in the world about the difficulties young riders encounter during the transition over to the adult circuit.

  • Saturday, 30. October 2021

    Visualising piaffes

    Impressive ideas at the first CHIO Aachen Hackathon

    Laptops instead of obstacles, the sound of keyboards instead of hooves: The indoor school has been turned into a lounge, the creative atmosphere is accompanied by the beats of the DJ David Lulley. The first CHIO Aachen Hackathon “smart CHIO” in the Albert Vahle Arena at the showgrounds brought 60 creative minds from all over Germany together from Thursday to Saturday.

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