The CHIO Aachen CAMPUS – Home of the Equestrian Sport

Equestrian sport has a home. In Aachen. At the most traditional showgrounds in the world. Equestrian sport is promoted here. Knowledge is imparted. Competence created. All year round. With unique, exclusive training and education offers - on-site and online. From ambitious talent to top riders, from young to experienced - everyone will find their own personal, extraordinary experience here. Including you!

  • Offers for everyone: Youth promotion, training, education and digital formats

  • Top competition sport and sport for the general public at the world-famous CHIO Aachen grounds

Germany is the most successful equestrian sport nation in the world, and North Rhine-Westphalia is considered to be THE “horse state” of Germany. The know-how about horses, the equestrian sport and breeding is more concentrated in our region than in hardly any other region in the world – not least due to the region’s central location in the heart of Europe and the direct vicinity to the equestrian sport nations Belgium and the Netherlands.

Here at the traditional show grounds at the Aachen Soers, we have at our disposal an infrastructure comprising of a wide range of training and competition sites –both indoors and out - that is unique worldwide. The CHIO Aachen CAMPUS makes use of this infrastructure to offer the equestrian sport an all-year-round offer, the focus of which lies on youth promotion, training, education and digital aspects – always linked up with the annual highlight, the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen.

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