Thursday, 1. September 2022

CHIO Aachen Kids Camp in the autumn holidays

At the site where the best riders, vaulters and drivers in the world compete against each other, everything will revolve around the youngest generation of riders during the autumn holidays. Alongside diversified sports and active games the camp offers children of primary school age an entertaining programme, focusing on a playful introduction to horses, of course.

Date in the autumn holidays: October 10th-14th under the motto “Cowboys and Indians”

How do I groom a horse correctly? What is one allowed to feed a horse? And what are riding figures exactly? The children will learn this and much more through the direct contact to horses. Of course, there will be plenty of opportunity to pet and cuddle the animals and the children will also be allowed to ride horses (on the lead rein). No previous experience is required, the focus of the offer is to purely to have fun with the horses.

The children can look forward to an exciting week full of plenty of surprises. But there is going to be a thrilling highlight for the parents too. Because during the five days the camp leaders and the children will work on a programme for the concluding performance.

Primary school children in (aged 6-10 years) can take part in the camp. The participation fee is 280 Euros per child. The fee includes daily supervision from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., lunch every day at the “Stables Inn” restaurant as well as fruit, snacks and drinks.

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