Thursday, 23. November 2023

Aachen Dressage Youngstars 2023

First-class conclusion to the season and a diversified show programme | Local matador competing in the Children’s age group

Top equestrian sport and a festively decorated Albert-Vahle Arena – these are the ingredients of the star-studded end-of-the-year show for aspiring young dressage riders at the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS. 77 talents from 19 nations will be competing at the Aachen Dressage Youngstars from November 30th – December 3rd. One of them is the local matador, Lynn Greven, from RV Aachen.

“If an exercise doesn’t go too well while training, then of course one gets a bit more nervous the closer the show gets,” the 14-year-old, who is making her debut at the Albert-Vahle Arena, admitted. She came into contact with the most traditional equestrian sport grounds in the world while actually riding herself for the first time during a training day organised by the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS earlier this spring. But now she is going to be battling it out for the title of Indoor Champion in the Children’s category for the first time. She got a foretaste of how wonderful a big victory is at the Rhenish Championship in the summer, when she picked up the gold rosette with Falcon HP (Nickname: “Schorsch”). So, the pupil is not setting off on the short journey to the Soers without expectations. “Being placed would be a dream come true of course, but I’d also be delighted with a simple, clear round,” the Rhenisch squad member explained and then added confidently: “I do think that on a good day Schorsch and I have good chances though.” The young rider is up against competition among others from Lilli von Helldorff from the Hannover Equestrian Association and from the European Championships participant from the Netherlands, Esmae Niessen.

For the first time in years the favourite in the Ponys classification isn’t called Rose Oatley, because she is not competing this year. Instead it is Lilly Marie Collin. In 2023, the three-time European Champion and number one in the world rankings is experiencing the most successful year in her young career to-date. Whether she will bring the year to a close with a further victory in Aachen with her high-flying Cosmo callidus NRW? Among others, the number three in the world rankings, Julie Sofie Schmitz-Heinen with Chilly Morning WE will try her very hardest to prevent that from happening. Mia Allegra Lohe, who is close at her heels as the number four, will particularly be hoping to conclude the year on a successful note. Namely, it is going to be her last year at the Aachen Dressage Youngstars as a pony rider. She is competing with her small star, Tovdal‘s Golden Future Imperial. An interesting side note: All three riders are on the squad of the Rhineland Equestrian Association.

Ideally, Lilly Marie Collin could have two reasons for joy. If everything goes exceptionally well, the 16-year-old could even be placed in two age groups. She is also taking part in the Juniors competitions with Famous K FRH. In the Young Riders category four riders from the current Programme of Excellence year of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS will be riding into the festively decorated arena: Jette de Jong from Belgium, Laura Laustsen from Sweden, Emma Grandits from Switzerland and Capri-Marie Raum from Bavaria.

“Promoting the youth is extremely important to us,” said Birgit Rosenberg, “that is why we are delighted to experience the best young athletes here again live at the end of the year,” the board member of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV), organisers of the event, stated. Admission to the show in the Albert-Vahle Arena is free on all days. This also applies for the “Late Night – Youngstar Games” on Saturday evening. The entertaining show programme will be exciting, informative and reflective.

Yvet Blokesch from the Feather Light Academy is responsible for the informative elements. The expert in liberty dressage will not only be presenting her show talent with the help of her four-legged friends, she will also grant the audience unique insights into their joint training. It will be pure tension, when different riding schools from Aachen battle it out for the title “School Horse Star of the Year 2023” and Riding Clubs take each other on in different competitions in the scope of the “Youngstar Games”. Aachen’s singing commissioner, Oliver Schmitt, will lend the evening its reflective flair.

Anyone, who is not able to be there in person, can watch all of the competitions live on the Aachen Youngstars Homepage or on ClipMyHorse. Then, from December 7th-10th, it is the turn of the show-jumpers, who will be taking part in the “Aachen Jumping Youngstars”.

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