Friday, 26. August 2022

“CHIO Aachen CAMPUS on tour” is entering the next round – professional training in one’s own riding club

The CHIO Aachen CAMPUS is coming to your club again to offer you a professional show jumping training! Which means no extra travel efforts and no costs for you!

Your riding club has some ambitious show-jumpers among its ranks? Then, the “CHIO Aachen CAMPUS on tour” is ideal for you. After the successful premiere in May, together with our partner Allianz we are once again enabling a first-class training session under competition conditions. Whereby no costs arise for you and you don’t even have to travel to Aachen. Because we will come to you, no matter where you may be located in Germany. And we won’t come on our own either, we will be bringing Lars Meyer zu Bexten, one of the most famous and most famous jumping trainers in the world, along with us again this time.

What we offer: Ateam from the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS will come to your riding establishment together with Lars Meyer zu Bexten. After warming up, the participants will receive a professional training session (45 minutes each), followed by jumping a course with a subsequent analysis of the jumping style.

What you need: 12 show-jumpers thirsty for knowledge, an indoor or outdoor school measuring at least 20 x 60 metres, enough obstacles for an entire course, as well as a few motivated assistants. The training will take place on one day between September 19th and 22nd, from 3 to 7 p.m. respectively (as long as sufficient lighting is available the course can also be held from 4 to 8 p.m.).


The winners have been determined:

Monday: Gut Wirtgeshof in Kerpen

Tuesday: Eschenhof, near Potsdam

Wednesday: Atz Handorf, near Lüneburg

Thursday: RV Fröndenberg, Dortmund

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