Friday, 18. June 2021

From a top talent to a top athlete

Programme of Excellence: Application phase is underway – Head Coaches Isabell Werth and Jos Lansink – professional know-how in all relevant areas.

She has won gold medals at international championships more often than FC Bayern have won the German league. Isabell Werth is not only the best dressage rider of all time – she keeps on claiming these victories with new horses. As “Head Coach Dressage” of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS Programme of Excellence, from autumn onwards she will accompany promising talents on their way into top sport.

The Belgian World Champion, Jos Lansink, will assist the show-jumpers in the same way that Isabell Werth supports the dressage talents. The renowned trainer already brought his first Excellence year to a successful conclusion. “Being able to learn from a rider like Jos Lansink, who has won so much and who has so much experience, is a unique opportunity for us all,” said Max Haunhorst, who took part in the programme. In addition to the German rider, there were five further participants from three nations, all of whom attended five three-day training sessions at the world-famous equestrian sport grounds at the Aachen Soers. Alongside the Head Coaches, the aspiring young riders are also supported by further experienced experts in the areas of fitness, media and diet counselling, training management, horse and stable management or career planning.

Not only does the second Excellence year begins for the show-jumpers in the autumn, the programme is also getting underway in the dressage arena. “The aim behind the Programme of Excellence is to promote talents with professional support and pave the way for them into top sport,” said Stefan Knopp, Director of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS. And Isabell Werth, Head Coach Dressage, added that as well as supporting the top talents with training sessions “It is also about establishing relationships,” Werth commented. In addition to the work with outstanding talents, the best rider in the world is particularly looking forward to collaborating with the CHIO Aachen employees “It is something very special working with this team at this location and a fantastic environment for the talents of the Programme of Excellence.”

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