Wednesday, 20. July 2022

Full-service training days at the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS – extended concept!

Attention amateur riders! The full-service training day is entering the next round. The all-round package not only holds the dressage expert Christoph Hess and the national coach of the Dutch riders, Rob Ehrens, in store, but all many other first-class advisers on health and fitness topics for the horse and rider. New elements: A professional seat training on the simulator and advice on the choice of bits.

At equestrian shows the spotlight is on the horse and rider. However, the stars from the equestrian sport scene emphasise again and again that the team around them also contributes significantly to the success. Competent all-round supervision of the horses at home and beyond the showgrounds is indispensable to guarantee the well-being of the horses and ensure they are motivated at shows.

And the full-service training day of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS offers precisely such all-round support that is necessary to ensure sustainable success in the equestrian sport. For one whole day, amateur riders will be given the unique opportunity to take advantage of a full-service offer, which boasts an holistic concept and first-class experts, who are available to provide each participant with individual advice. In this way, each of them profits from a complete package of concentrated expertise – what’s more at the probably most beautiful equestrian sport grounds in the world.

Christoph Hess, one of the most famous trainers and judges in the country, will be at the disposal of the dressage riders for an exclusive training analysis. The expert who convinced across the board with his competent commenting via Dressage Radio during the CHIO Aachen, will discuss a test performed by each horse and rider in detail with the respective participant, reveal possible weaknesses and give top-class tips for the subsequent training. The former Dutch national coach, Rob Ehrens, will advise and support the participants of the show jumping training.

Subsequently, each participant will have the opportunity to have his seat examined and analysed on a simulator. After all, a correct seat and fine aids are imperative for riders and an elementary foundation for a successful collaboration with their sports partner, the horse. A further new item on the agenda is individual advice on the choice of bits. Since the selection of the bit is of fundamental importance for the daily training. If it is not fitted correctly or the operating principle is not appropriate, wrong or even contra-productive habits can frequently occur, both in the case of the rider and the horse. Our expert will analyse the existing bits, reveal possible weaknesses and provide important tips for a possible improvement based on a well-founded explanation of the different operating principle.

Furthermore, after weighing the horses, each participant will receive extensive advice of HAVENS regarding his/her horse’s diet, providing information on a needs-based feed plan and species-appropriate nutritional management in order to support the health of the respective horse long-term. And so that the riders are also “strengthened” too when they leave the training day, each of the participants will be given tips from a sports doctor and fitness expert from the University Hospital Aachen on how to improve their balance, body tension, coordination and last, but not least agility long-term, so they can react to the horse more effectively and more finely in future.

The diversified programme is rounded off by a competent consultation on insurance. From insurance policies that cover operations and illnesses, to liability insurance, through to legal expense policies for horse owners, experts from the health company, Allianz, will provide a comprehensive overview of how to make sure a rider and his sports partner are well-armed against all eventualities.

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