Saturday, 15. July 2023

21 - 23.08.2023

Exclusive training courses with Sweden's top star Patrik Kittel at the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS

The program is unique, the training conditions excellent and the trainer is one of the best dressage riders in the world: Exclusively for the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS Patrik Kittel, who has won several international medals, is coming to the Aachen Soers - and you can be part of it.

You are competing in the dressage arena, ride at least at elementary level and have always dreamed of being able to train in the Deutsche Bank Stadium under the eyes of an international top star? Then the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS offers you a unique opportunity. From August 21st to 23rd we will be providing the participants of the exclusive training course with Patrik Kittel, Sweden's most successful dressage rider, at their side. In individual training sessions, the 46-year-old will give direct feedback - optionally in German, English or Swedish -, refine the execution of the lessons together with you and finally give valuable tips for further training at home.

But that's not all: The course will feature further experts on the subject of mental training and feeding. For example, there will be advice on how personal blockages can be transformed into strengths, enabling the best performance to be called up at the decisive moment. And since not only self-confidence in one's own abilities is of elementary importance in order to be successful, but also the sports partner must be optimally prepared, feeding experts will be available to the participants, who will determine the individual needs of the sports partner by walking over the horse scales and will provide advice. In addition, participants will have the unique opportunity to benefit from an exclusive seat training session on the equestrian simulator. An experienced and certified simulator coach will guide the participants, evaluate the results and show how the seat can be improved in the long term. To ensure that participants also emerge from the course stronger, everyone receives specific tips from a fitness expert on how balance, body tension, coordination and, not least, mobility can be permanently improved so that they can have an even more effective and fine-tuned effect on the horse in the future.

This holistic approach, not only to promote riding but to offer an all-round package, has already proven its worth in the Programme of Excellence of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS. "With the Programme of Excellence we promote young talents with professional support in order to enable them to make the leap into top sport," says Stefan Knopp, the Director of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS. "The Exclusive training course now offers riders of all ages the opportunity to learn from the best coaches in the world and to benefit from their know-how."

The Exclusive training course costs 3500 euros per participant incl. one accompanying person. The training starts Monday (August 21st), arrival is already possible from Sunday afternoon. Included in the package are the overnight stays in the hotel (one room), the complete catering from morning to evening including two dinners with Patrik Kittel as well as the accommodation costs for one horse in the stables of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS.

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