Thursday, 7. September 2023

ESM patron Henrik von Eckermann: “Well-trained staff is of elementary importance!”

The Olympic team champion, European team champion, double world champion and world number one Henrik von Eckermann has taken over the patronship for the “Equestrian Stable Management” certificate program of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS and the RWTH International Academy. We spoke to the 41-year-old rider about his motivation for supporting this program and the importance of the employees for an international competition yard.

Henrik, you have taken over the patronship for the “Equestrian Stable Management” certificate program? What was your decisive reason for doing so?

The structure and the contents of this program convince me. The modern demands in the professional and well-structured management of an international competition yard are very complex regarding the logistic, commercial and equestrian sport-specific requirements. And to remain competitive, equine establishments have to satisfy the modern demands and think in a future-oriented manner. It is incredibly important to further push and professionalise this development. It is very important to me to further promote and professionalize this development. And this quite simply requires professional and well-trained staff. That is why I am very eager to support this program.

What influence does team work have on the success of an individual rider?

There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes in an international competition yard. The entire team plays a totally decisive role in every victory I achieve. I can trust all of my employees, who take care of our horses, their welfare and indeed the whole stable management and business side of the company, one hundred percent. It is these people, who stand behind me and my horses, who make it possible for me to be successful in the ring.

How can the horse industry profit from a program like the “Equestrian Stable Management”?

This program is a very good opportunity to sustain the knowledge of experts and find out how efficiently professional stables operate and how the management of sport horses works. It offers young people the unique chance to get to know all areas of “Equestrian Stable Managements” and further educate themselves – both as a newcomer to the industry as well as at senior level. One should particularly highlight here that the academic aspects are united with the real world so that the participants can get to know our business from different perspectives.

How can you yourself or your establishment profit from this certificate program?

International top riders need employees, who dispose of well-founded knowledge about the modern industry-specific themes of the equestrian sport. I think fantastic graduates will evolve from this program, who thanks to their professional way of handling horses, combined with in-depth management knowledge and innovative thinking, will be able to promote the economic and modern development of competition stables. I am looking forward to that.

All information about the program

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