Full-Service Training Day Jumping

Date: August 18th 2024
Location: Deutsche Bank Stadium
Duration: 3 1/2 hours
Cost: 245 euros

Course training with Lars Meyer zu Bexten, one of the most renowned and successful jumping trainers worldwide.

Terms and conditions:

Minimum qualification rider: LK 6
Course heights: 70cm, 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm
Tournament clothing is desired.

Attention amateur riders! The full-service training day goes into the next round. The all-round package comes up with many first-class advisors in the matter of health & fitness for rider and horse. Included: A professional seat analysis on the riding simulator.

At the show, rider and horse are in the spotlight. However, the stars of the equestrian scene always emphasize that the team around them is also a big part of their success. Only competent all-round care of the horses at home and away from the show ring guarantees the horses' well-being and their readiness for action at tournaments.

And it is exactly this kind of all-round care that is needed to be successful in equestrian sport in the long term that is offered by the Full-Service Training Day of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS. Amateur riders get the unique chance to benefit from a comprehensive offer, which includes a holistic concept and first-class experts, who are available to each participant for individual consultations. Thus, everyone gets a complete package of concentrated expertise - and all this on perhaps the most beautiful equestrian site in the world.

For the show jumpers, the successful trainer Lars Meyer zu Bexten will give each rider an approx. 15 minutes exclusive course training. He will discuss the ridden course in detail with each participant, uncover possible weaknesses and work on these within the training time, as well as providing top-class tips for further training.

Afterwards, each participant will get the unique chance to have his or her seat checked and analyzed on a simulator. After all, a correctly seated and finely influenced rider is an elementary foundation for successful cooperation with the sport partner horse.

In addition, each participant will receive specific tips from a sports physician and fitness expert from Aachen University Hospital on how to permanently improve balance, body tension, coordination and, last but not least, mobility, in order to be able to influence the horse even more effectively and finely in the future. Of course, an equine physiotherapy assessment where the participants receive exercises for their horses to do at home as well as a independent feed advice, including the opportunity to weigh the horse on the horse scale are also included.

The versatile program offer is rounded off by a competent consultation in the matter of insurances. From surgery and health insurance to liability and legal protection for horse owners, experts from Allianz will provide an all-round overview of how to be best prepared for all eventualities together with your sports partner.

A schedule as an example:

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