After School und After Work Dressage

Where: Deutsche Bank Stadium (on sand)
Date: Wednesday, 16.06.2021
Time: 16.00 - 21.00


Per start, each participant will be given the opportunity to use the arena in the Deutsche Bank Stadium (20 x 60 m) or (20 x 40 m) for 10 min. In the given 10 min. the arena can be used either for free training or for the task preparation. The dressage task must be ridden by heart. The free training or the task will be commented afterwards by a judge/trainer (to be announced). Riding off will take place on the preparation arena (75 x 75 m).

Costs: 40 Euro per start
Closing date for entries: Monday, 14 June, 00.00 hrs.

Please note that the maximum number of participants is limited and we therefore reserve the right to close the registration before the above mentioned closing date.

Starter lists will be published on the Internet as of Tuesday, June 15.

Contact: If you have any questions, please contact the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS team at 0241-9171-103 or the e-mail address


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